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Summer 2019

ENG 686: Topics in Linguistics (graduate)

Topic: Quantitative approaches to linguistic data

To understand how language works, we need to be able to collect and examine linguistic data. This course will explore how different linguistic processes can be quantitatively analyzed. The course will discuss data visualization and data analysis based on the examination of different linguistic phenomena in a series of published studies. We will explore how such studies were designed, how the data were presented and analyzed, and what conclusions were drawn from the data. We will focus primarily on studies in Psycholinguistics, Phonology, Phonetics, and Second Language Acquisition.

Fall 2019

ENG 623: Phonetics and Phonology (graduate)

In this course, we will examine and compare the concrete and abstract realities of sound patterns across languages. We will start with the physical reality of speech sounds (i.e., Phonetics), and the complex processes that allow us to communicate so effortlessly. We will then move up to a more abstract/symbolic level (i.e., Phonology): how can we understand each other if speech is so variable and dynamic? The second half of the course will cover common phonological phenomena, and compare two different theoretical frameworks commonly adopted to explain such phenomena, namely, rule-based and constraint based models. To conclude, we will briefly examine current trends in experimental and theoretical Phonology.

ENG 693: Writing in the Profiession (graduate)

This course focuses on a number of components involved in writing and publishing your research in in the field of linguistics (or language studies more generally). Among other topics, we will examine the typical structure of conference abstracts and scientific papers, and compare different tools designed to help us prepare academic/scientific documents (e.g., CVs, reports, academic websites etc.). Finally, we will discuss the different stages involved in publishing papers and book chapters in different venues, as well as how the peer-reviewing process works.

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