Welcome to grad school!

Some general suggestions

It’s possible that all the points below are obvious to you. But they certainly are not obvious to a lot of people out there. These suggestions are based on my own experience as a graduate student and as a professor. I have also added some recommendations from colleagues of mine.

“As a grad student, you have no service expectations. You don’t serve on admissions, gen-ed, hiring, or other regular or ad hoc committees. You don’t have to referee papers for peer-reviewed journals. You don’t march in graduation ceremonies or help hire new faculty. […] you aren’t required to publish. You certainly should publish […], but publishing isn’t a requirement for you to graduate with a 4.0 GPA and glowing letters of recommendation. This brings me to some stark advice. If you find that you hate grad school, if you find everything you do to be a massive struggle, […] you should consider quitting. It doesn’t get easier. You will never have less expected of you and never face less pressure than you will as a graduate student.”

Brennan (2020, pp. 63–64)

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