Guilherme D. Garcia

In the late 19th century, parts of my family left Europe (Portugal and Italy) and moved to southern Brazil. The Portuguese side of my family comes from Castro Laboreiro, a cute small village in northern Portugal (quite close to the Spanish border). The Italian side of my family comes from Vicenza.

I was born in a small town near Porto Alegre, the southernmost capital city in Brazil. I got interested in Linguistics after I started teaching English to Portuguese speakers. That led me to do a BA in Linguistics and Translation. In 2012, I immigrated to Montreal to start my PhD at McGill (I’ve been a permanent resident of Canada since 2013).

Given that my research interests connect phonology and quantitative methods, I enjoy programming and developing scripts to automate experiments and data analysis. I am also interested in Bayesian statistics, and how linguistic assumptions can be encoded in different statistical models.

Outside academia, I enjoy travel, design, macro/landscape photography and acoustic guitars.

Small portfolio     Student spotlight, Linguistic Society of America (2017)

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